Xanthe offers a range of different Reflexology treatments. They are as follows:

Foot Reflexology:

The history of foot massage originated from the Chinese who used footmassage for treatment 5,000 years ago. Then it was disseminated inThailand. From then on, Foot massage was improved, developed and applied for health care, especially for relieving muscle pain, relaxing and curing some diseases, because Foot massage could stimulate the function of physical organs and provide balance.

Hand Reflexology:

Hand reflexology is an non-invasive therapy based on the principle that body organs and structures are mirrored in the feet and in the hands. It treats the whole body by means of specific pressure. By treating a reflex point, I can un-block congestion and enhance energy flow encouraging the body’s systems to work in union. It is a natural way of bringing the body back into balance and to heal itself.

Ear Reflexology:

Thermo Auricular Therapy is an ancient natural therapy, which can be traced back to the Indians of North and South America. It is a natural way of having your ears syringed.

It can be very effective for conditions linked to the ear and head area, such as: Migraine, Headache, Sinusitis, Glue ear, Snoring, Hay Fever, Excess Ear Wax, Ringing in the Ear and Mild Hearing Loss.

Maternity Reflexology:

Xanthe offers a one-on-one session to demonstrate simple Reflexology techniques for your newborn. This will help you bond with your baby and help to resolve minor ailments, such as colic, constipation, vomiting, emotional distress, irritability, as well as some simple relaxation methods to calm and encourage sleep. These can be hugely beneficial and can be done anywhere.